Sunday, 9 September 2012

Domestic chores

Our dishwasher is broken. David is in charge of washing up. After his first wife had a stroke he learned new skills fast. This period has done him no harm at all. He is an ace ironer and does all the washing including his soft woolly jumpers by hand.

But he does have his black spots. After I've cooked, he dumps all the pans in the sink or the dishwasher and never thinks of de greasing them....if I'm quick I can get in first and take off all the fat before it goes down the plug hole or the dish washer. I am not always fast enough though!

So as this is the first time the present washer has faltered he's mostly got away with it.

A week ago I suggested that maybe we should get a little man in!

Since then he has made two separate trips into town to buy magical un pluggers!

Then he sent for something on the Internet! Nothing has worked. We now do everything as nature hand.

Suffice it say that today I am not leaving a joint in the oven for when I return from church. We shall eat out!

Maybe next week we might find a little man? Or will miracle de greaser inc provide another solution?


  1. Our dishwasher is Me!

    And my filters are not bunged up :)