Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Economic gloom

When David and decided to stay at home this year to look after the dog we had always intended that a whole day out would be too long to leave him but a few hours in the middle of the day.....including a good lunch would be the best way round the problem.

We now have a new predicament. Which places are still doing proper lunches? The one on Sunday had a good reputation...we had eaten there before and it was all good but this year they were doing light lunches only! We talked them into fish and chips otherwise it was going to be sandwiches only!

Yesterday's lunch was good but still not what we were looking for...a bit of self indulgence with a starter , a main and a pudding! Then more bad news arrived...our favourite hostelry has been sold and the chef with it....It was clearly struggling last winter but we are shocked that it has come to this!

Economic gloom seems to be everywhere. Shops are still trying to get rid of last years stuff , many are closing. Nothing becomes more obvious when you are driving round looking for a place to eat. New places have started up its true but many are closing....hopefully to re emerge at some time restored to full glory.

As it is we are approaching each hotel with caution now, having a drink first whilst we suss out the menu....what had started as a voyage of discovery is becoming a bit dispiriting....

If its making us feel like that imagine what it must be like to see your living disappear before your eyes, each season getting worse and worse...

David and I are prepared to do our bit to prop up the local economy doesn't have to be posh nosh....just hot and tasty. Otherwise it'll be back to M and S for ready meals ....soon!

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