Friday, 14 September 2012

Miracles and waiting.

Right now there are a lot of people, mostly young but some not who are pondering the next move in their lives. Exam results, the start of a new school year, the end of a glorious summer of sport....they have all conspired to give quite a few people some pondering on what their next move might be.

I found myself earlier this morning giving advice on this subject which surprised me even as I gave it. I am in no way expert in anything leave alone this one so I am not sure where it came from...just pulled it out of the ether as my gran might have said!

It was to put yourself into a state of waiting. This takes pressure off the mind as it searches for the next best thing to do.

I quoted a book by my old friend Bill Vanstone called "The stature of waiting" it was given to me as I approached one of life's cross roads. At not quite sixty I had a lot of decisions to make on becoming a widow.

Waiting consciously helped. By placing your mind into a non acting, non searching state, ideas arrive almost from nowhere...they come from God obviously but that is not evident at the time....more a sort of thinking..."Thats a good idea...I'll look into that. "

It worked for me at then . Though I had no idea then how it would all turn out!

Trust in God....and if in doubt, nothing if you can....then miracles appear in light...

There I can still return to my old hippie ways even now old age has me in thrall.


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