Thursday, 20 September 2012


A conversation on twitter about knitting reminded me that I once knitted everything...complete baby layettes....there's an old fashioned word seldom heard these days! Huge Aran sweaters, delicately stitched evening jumpers and of course Fairisle jumpers full of pattern and colour were all grist to my knitting mill.

I had been stung by the stray remark that "Jean doesn't knit." to start something new a few years ago...a very complicated intaglio pattern using several balls of wool at once! The result was pretty startling, see below.

I realized that I hadn't seen any of them for some time and wondered if they had made the journey through the last two house moves so I went on an expedition.

I knew they were not in the barn so I searched the top of the built in wardrobes here and there they were...I have shaken them out and they will be worn this winter...starting tomorrow!

The search though revealed some other things long thought lost. My daughter's favourite doll was a Sasha doll...she was modeled on the daughter of her designer and was very beautiful..and very expensive.

Over the years I bought a boy Sasha and a baby Sasha to make up the family and they were very much played with and loved.

Nestling close to my intricate jumpers they had clearly been pushed out of sight after my daughter died but I welcomed them back into the light this morning with cries of joy!

I searched for one thing and found something much more precious. Serendipity is working well for me this morning.


  1. Wow, spectacular Jean.
    You really are a woman of many and varied talents.
    This apparently however, does not include a good understanding of when seasons change.
    Winter! Tomorrow!
    Do you know something we don't?

    1. Going purely on the temperature today winter may well start tomorrow!

    2. Out of interest I Googled Sasha dolls. It appears that my find is even more valuable than I knew. They are now collectors items worth thousands....I will of course not be selling them.