Sunday, 30 September 2012

Socialist tract?

I find myself once again on the horns of a dilemma. The news each day contains details of greed and hypocrisy that are worrying but the main problem is that of increasing poverty , with the NHS being slowly dismantled and the disabled being assessed and having their benefits cut even for the most obviously needy cases. The news this morning that food is soon going to be much more expensive is just about the last straw for poor families...

As a priest I try to keep my views on politics quiet..though this is getting harder...

As affluent old people with our pensions as yet untouched by the economic blight my husband and I feel the unfairness of the present situation but short of going around playing Lady Bountiful there's not much we can do!

I try my best by not being paid and by never claiming expenses....but it's not a level playing field at all.....we are still extremely lucky people in the midst of all this misery.

Edicts, many jerk reactions to trends or headlines in the paper are coming out of government departments weekly....schools are particularly hard pressed to keep up and yet money is still being spent on "training"

Having recently agreed to help out with the new iniative on Equality I am now told that I must attend a training course! Teaching and living in a multi racial community must have equipped me for this surely?

Right now there are families who only eat once a day....whose children have no warm winter clothes, or adequate foot wear. The proud boast by Nick Clegg that he has introduced a wealth tax has yet to be put in place and the cynic in me wonders if he is just trying to get some votes back before its too late!

I fell out with the Labour Party after Blair took us to war! I have never voted Tory....and the Libdems now fall into the same category! Voting either Green or Independent seems the only answer but for now I just view the selling off of the NHS services with horror and indignation and the inequalities which surround us and are getting more evident daily are quite simply very depressing .

As a priest it is my job to look after the poor and to address the inequalities as well as to cure if this is written off as a socialist tract I am sorry but it needs more of us to speak out now!

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  1. I did an excellent Equalities course at Cranfield University in 1999, it turned my life around in so many ways that it would need a book to say how much. I thought that I was a fair person without any prejudices, how wrong I was :( I was challenged in so many ways by what we did, in lectures, group working that I was changed for ever.

    I actually think that we can be a little complacent with ourselves, I know that I am often. And doing the training, mixing with others from very diverse backgrounds - all in the same boat, just seems to drive inspiration and sharing at an enhanced level.

    I would recommend any well delivered training that comes from Cranfield. Used to be the Royal Military College of Science.

    As for socialism. I was a life long tory until Tony Blair came along, and then he shattered my illusions totally over the gulf war and proved to be actually worse than the Tories.

    Now, the Green Party are the only ones that seem to have socialist policies. I don't necessarily agree with their policy on drugs use, but otherwise, they seem to be filling the space left by labour as truly socialist in outlook.