Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Twas on a Wednesday Morning

Today God is definitely trying to tell me something...if I could only work out what it is.....
I was up in good time and failed to have a shower because the water was off. The loo didn't flush and my husband set off on a voyage of exploration to see what he could find out.
At the local garage he arrived as the owner was trying to wash his petered out as he washed!
He phoned  to tell me it wasn't just us.
David got home just as the noise of water filling loos and pipes echoed around the house......we had been cut off in order to mend a gushing leak lower down in the village .
One panic over the chiropodist arrived to sort out my feet!
She declared it too dark in my office so we had to find a better place.....this turned out to be in the sitting room upstairs  where furniture was moved so my feet could be properly surveyed......ouch ouch and ouch is all I'm going to say about that small problem !
Then the local plumber arrived to fix our dishwasher... He got here just as I was at the far end of the least 100 yards away so I dashed back! .He had a new apprentice and she was lovely!
The fault was found to be some melon seeds......which is a mystery as its at least two months since the last melon was dissected!
I think they have all gone away now..... but I have still not worked out what the message is......
A period of quiet is now called for I think!

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  1. Really Jean, the message is quite clear. Washing is bad for you!