Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Vocal chameleons.

My funeral visit this morning was in fact a trip down memory lane...the widow who is very bright and alert had the same problems to sort out that I had had on the death of my husband, the first David. Her late husband had also been a bank manager and never discussed money with her so getting to grips with it all is her current problem.

"Trust no one" was the best advice I could offer! I did speak from experience of having lived in the same village.

Her eyes lit up when we started to talk about their early life in Rochdale. As a southerner she had been teased by the locals and had to get a Lacashire accent as fast as possible. She still has it!

I had the opposite problem. I suffered much teasing when I started college and learned to ditch my accent just as fast! We had both been speech chameleons !

Her recollections of her early life were centered around a district I knew well, in fact I had taught in it for ten years...street names, parish churches , schools, we covered them all..

I do now have plenty of stuff to fill out the eulogy but also great admiration for her lively mind. They had in the last few years lived in the local care home but had separate rooms because her husband snored....she has wonderful views of the sea and gull rock and her room has its own balcony with a chair outside the French windows.

I can think of much worse places to end up.....but not yet Lord, not yet!

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