Monday, 8 October 2012

Alcoholic poisoning!

It's been a boozy weekend all tound judging by the pictures and the accounts found on FB. I shall not give any details away but I will be sending out headache tablets to those still hung over this morning!

I have just staggered my cleaner by telling her that I didn't drink until I was into my forties! Her amazement at this revelation told its own story! But it's true.

I had the odd sweet sherry at Christmas. Or even more dangerously a snowball....can't even remember what was in them now!

At college I was much too hard up to drink at all....if you can't afford paper and books you definately can't run to the odd pint! One weekend my friend and I did venture into the local pub where other girls from college had been know to imbibe.....we asked for our drinks nervously, gulped them down fast and escaped back up the road to the safety of the common room!

The reason for this sobriety was not just economic . It was my alcoholic father. Watching him come home drunk every weekend was enough to stop anyone in their tracks. To this day I freeze when a drunk lurches out at me, in the same way that my dad had approached me as I walked home with friends...

When in my forties I joined the local amdram group I started joining the others every Friday night for a drink at the local! I've never been a heavy drinker but I do enjoy a glass of something warming in the winter and we always have wine in the evenings....

This does not make me drunk.....the fear of turning out like my father is still too great! But I don't make judgements on others....and I do sympathies with all those with banging heads this morning.....headache tablets are on their way!


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  1. I know that drink is one of the roots of all evil. So, I choose not to do it.

    I'm a converted near alcoholic, who pulled up in the nick of time, when social drinking was becoming an all to familiar habit.

    I haven't touched a drop in over 20 years (apart from Communion wine) and I doubt if I ever will.

    But, I have enough other bad habits to get over before I become to big headed.