Thursday, 11 October 2012


Last year we got a call from someone from a government body who wished to give OAPs free roof insulation. Could they send a surveyer ? Yes we said and he duly arrived. He was shown the ladder up into our loft and came back shortly afterwards with the good news. Yes we were eligible for the free service, there were two small problems. First did we know we had bats? Of course we's an ancient farmhouse! The second one that the loft must be cleared in advance of the workmen arriving.

We agreed and then spent a lot of time and effort bring down old cases, books, toys etc.....the removal of all the stuff was very hard work.

The young men arrived. Bales of materiel were unloaded...the ladder climbed....all to no avail , we had bats...

We said we knew that and so did the man who did the survey.

"Typical" they said. Apparently the man got a flat fee for a recommendation.

We were not pleased and David walked around for months muttering about putting bats before people. Etc etc....

It all subsided and we thought no more about it till another phone call last week from the same government department. We told them we had bats. After September we can do it despite the bats they told us so after much debate we agreed.

They are coming today. I told the congregation in church this morning and they asked if we'd asked the local batman to take a look....we hadnt .

"Oh you must have the batman.....he has an apprentice called Robin..".

Hmmnnn This may or may not be funny depending on what happens later..

Several hours later.
The man arrived a little late. He went up stairs, looked at the job and came back down again.
He couldn't even start it because its too big a job for one man.   Retreating fast he said he'd be in touch.
I'm getting that feeling about this job now ! the one that thinks maybe we are just not meant to have a nice layer of flannel to keep us warm all winter!


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