Sunday, 21 October 2012

Awake in the night

Normally I sleep like a log....only on odd nights usually when something momentous has happened am I kept awake.  Last night I knew I was not going to sleep much so I took an audio book to bed with me and plugged into the new Hilary Mantel book, "Bring up the bodies" This was not the best idea but it kept watch with me during the dark hours....
Insomnia is something that only happens to me when something has happened....I am not afflicted by it during any normal period of my life but I feel for those people who find it hard to get a nights sleep on a regular basis....
Last night was broken too by an upset      idea where that came from....but I was up searching for the Imodium at one stage and lamenting yet again that I was able to walk around the house freely with no fear of disturbing the dog!
Going back to bed I took the iPad with me and  in the dark without disturbing David I wrote this.

A promise

When I’m asleep I’ll sing to you
When I’m asleep I’ll rub your ears
 Chase rabbits, throw balls,and dance with you

Awake I will pray for you
Thank God for you
Part of my life all these years.  Thank you Crispin.
Thank you God. 

And then I went to sleep!


  1. Lovely, Jean. Says it all, and very beautifully too.
    Clearly you were kept awake for a good reason.
    You should print it out, frame it, and put in beside the sculptured Crispin.
    Blessings. X

  2. Beautiful and moving, bringing tears to my eyes!