Saturday, 6 October 2012

Stop sending me spam.....please!

Every couple of month or so I realise that there are far too many emails clogging up my system. I settle down for an unsubscribing session. The tiny words " unsubscribe here " are often hard to see leave alone click on!

I am bidden to various web pages, all telling me I am the lucky winner for the day, I have promises for wonderful be mine if I just fill in this form. iPads are available almost every day.....all I have to do is spend hours filling in forms full of personal details and so much can be mine!

The latest one is to offer me a place on a training scheme if I would like to become an apprentice....

I could be a plumber, a bricklayer or a carpenter it seems. These come from the USA.....why me? An elderly old woman with her head under your sink may not be the stuff dreams are made the other hand. ........cough!

It's only a few weeks since the last cull . I had a couple of weeks reasonably spam free and they are all back!

I blame FB for most of the American's the only link I can think of.....but some of the others actually tell me I've asked for them! I know I havnt but that doesn't stop them!

The phone rings and no one answers but the sound of call centers are obvious in the background and are an irritation....I realise that in the present economic climate ways of getting our money has become a desperate ploy...but surely no one actually believes that something for nothing is a reality?

Yesterday I got a letter...actual paper but it was still spam from a bank undercutting my house insurance....they even got my age right! How did they do that ? I have no connection with them at all.

So all you spammers out there.....enough! I am not going to buy anything at all right now! That is all.


  1. All of the junk is automatically caught in the spam filter. It it comes from an email address not in my contacts.

    I delete it all daily.

    Time consuming but satisfying as I picture them being thrown into the pit to be burned on the fires of spam hell.

    1. I admire your imagination there! Very satisfying.