Sunday, 7 October 2012

Turning a blind eye?

The news lately has been horribly depressing....from female circumsicion to child abuse, from making the disabled be reassessed, to selling off NHS services. ..

The summer of golden Olympic promise has somehow given way to dire warnings about the NHS and it's demise. We read more and more each day of the sex scandals that are only now emerging into the light.

It's too easy to say that these things have always existed...we are just seeing them publicized more....

I am smelling the rank odor of hypocrisy in much of this.

Obviously people at the BBC knew that girls were being treated like prostitutes...too young to protest or make their voice heard.

In this country we have laws preventing female circumsicion. Why have they never been used?

Very young girls are still married off against their will....

The people who might do something about the exploitation and the misuse of children to gratifi adult desires are strangely is left to lone voices to shout out against those in power who degrade other people's right to freedom to grow, to dream, to make their own choices in life.

Children, not just girls, boys are also used as sex objects too, are losing their childhood, the time when they can learn to distinguish right from wrong in the safety of a home life free from pain, the time to play, to invent, to be loved as children who matter to those they grow up with.

Priests and teachers who use their status to abuse children should be named...there should be no hiding place in either churches or schools. Those who simply allow it to happen, as seems to have been the case in the BBC should view their own part in keeping quiet children were ways that may influence the rest of their lives.

No more hyporacy please....we need to clean up our act and be seen to be doing it....turning a blind eye is not good enough.

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