Thursday, 29 November 2012

Healing in progress.

Nature is a truly wonderful thing with all the properties of healing we need. Several times today I have taken my grief outside with me, feeling my hurt and my loss so keenly it was a physical pain. I have always walked on these occasions but now , missing the companionship of my dog even that has failed to cheer me.

So this afternoon I set off again . My very large garden was a field and is now an orchard with flowering shrubs growing well even after this awful year. To walk right round it takes about 7 minutes depending on how fast I move. So several times around it may take half an hour.

It's got it's problems....there are weeds naturally. Some weeds are destructive to other life but I let most weeds prosper having been brought up by my herbalist grandma who taught me all I know about the healing mostly I am tolerant towards those growths which threaten my new plants.

The stinkhorn is the exception. Because of its smell I do try to limit its life.. I find they are not keen on bathroom cleaners....

Clearing out the weeds and fungus is good therapy right now... And they are included in my daily perambulations.

Imagine my joy this afternoon to find the raspberry canes, given to me by my son are in flower again! They have fruited early this year and I was astonished to find two small white flowers out at the end of November.

I also have roses still out and a rhododendron in flower...the first Camelias won't be long.

It is healing of a very high order. Thank you God. Added to the prayers I am being sent from right round the world they are mending me nicely thanks to all!





  1. I'm so glad you are finding some comfort in the healing power of plants and flowers.
    Though I am only just beginning to get to grips with my garden after 3 years of neglect, there is always a feeling of continuity in the contact with growing things.
    Some (many) of the shrubs in my garden have a special link because they came from family members I no longer see. Some were cuttings from my father's garden, some entire plants from my mother and sisters in law.
    They are a living breathing link with those we have lost and there is comfort in their presence.
    Above all, there is the certainty of God's hand in their survival.
    More prayers for you JeanX

  2. [*] for God using his beauty and creation in your healing process.