Tuesday, 6 November 2012

An envelope.

I had not expected the massive out pouring of love coming in my direction.....it is staggering me at the same time as giving me strength.

Yesterday was a mixture of grief and gratitude too. The little church was full of people who had come to support me and my family.... and the grave digger had filled in the hole and put the flowers in place an hour or so after the service.

I now have my daughters ashes at one churchyard and my sons grave at another....I may visit occasionally to have a chat but the actual body is irrelevant once the life has departed from it....

The body is just an envelope I think....an important envelope whilst we are alive but still an empty vessel once the spark of life has departed from it...

If as I do,  you believe that the spirit lives on after death it cannot be found in  the body....it has left to go to a better place.

I cherish the idea that my son and my dog are now chasing along the beach together...in and out of the waves and throwing sticks and that my daughter is showing them both how to deal with being in a different place....and enjoying being the senior angel with typical bossiness.

We keep those we loved near us after death by talking about them, by remembering all the things that made us laugh and cry together....

But the body is an envelope, sadly empty now that the real spark of life has gone elsewhere.

I don't see either of my children resting in peace...or my dogs....I hope they are having a really good time together. That is how I prefer to think of them now....as free spirits liberated from earthly cares who I will see again.....at some stage.....God willing.


  1. Jean, a powerful statement of belief. I love the way you describe the body as an empty envelope, once the spark of life has departed.

    I share your hope that we will be once again united with our loved ones after death, in the sunshine and peace and light of God's love.

    Prayers continue for you and all you love.

  2. Oh Jean - I hadn't dreamed you were blogging your way through all of this and am only reading now, though I've been praying all along. Your writing is a very precious resource - thank you for choosing this medium to process the unthinkable.
    Much love and prayers continue xxx