Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Too many cooks?

One of the problems of this new digital age we are all living in is that too many cooks frequently spoil the broth.
We used to have a line rental from BT and broadband via AOL.
Trying to get our broadband from BT which made sense at the time is now failing because I seem to be dealing with several different companies at the same time.
Apparently BT is now different from Openreach.
They are all trying to resolve the problems caused by cutting me off in the first place but not apparently working together.
Individuals are friendly and helpful but they get frustrated too when their efforts fail.
Full marks yesterday to the man in Mumbai who passed me back to a delightful young woman in this country who tried very hard to sort things out but had to go back to customer services who are still treating me as a new customer not an old one with issues.
We are promised broadband today. It's almost two weeks without it now I have a text message saying its now on but my router is still blocked!
I shop on line. The nearest store is over a ferry and is 20 miles away.
We are running out of things.
Sorry to be grousing again. I just need one person in BT to pull all the strands of our dilemma together now.
And I haven't even mentioned getting our old number back!

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