Friday, 14 December 2012

Early party.

We are up and moving early. Today is the family Christmas Party......they have it a week early so as not to interfere with everything I do over Christmas.

It involves driving up country which on a normal day would take an hour....but having looked out of the window we are allowing longer.....

David has got the bottles clanking in his car, we have wrapped our presents. He has bought Leander tee shirts for the babies. If you are going to belong to an exclusive club you might as well start early!

My heart is not yet fully involved in this party but this year we don't have to rush home because Crispin is gone too so there's time.......

The old order has passed, making way for new.....

We bring our pressies home unopened. We only start the unwrapping after I've done my Christmas services.

I have pulled out of some things this year...I'm not making the Christingles in school for the first time in about seven years! I can't do the school Christmas Dinner either...but I will I hope get to the candle lit carol service next week ....

It's not the Christ child's fault I'm sad. He will be born again in my heart this year...DV


  1. I wish you such joy as you can cope with. As much pleasure as you can endure and a peaceful time when and where you can come by it.
    Celebrating with a heart of lead is difficult but with the support of the Lord and your David you will manage.
    Blessings and a safe journeyX

  2. Thank you Ray. God bless you too!

  3. Jean, thank you for sharing again, at a trying time for you.

    I'm not sure whether I'd be able to face the family, let alone the world if I had been through what you've had in the past few weeks.

    Will be thinking of you and praying!