Thursday, 20 December 2012

Manna .

It's a lovely old fashioned idea , taking the vicar some home made mince pies but it does happen and I am grateful for it.

As a single mum with two children I did a lot of cooking...and the lead up to Christmas was relentless after school had broken up. ,money was in short supply and I made everything from cakes, to trifles, to mince pies etc every year.

Since entering the ranks of female clergy I have simply not got the time. The lead up to the big day is concerned with visiting, writing cards and sermons, arranging carols and talking to people about all of this..I enjoy it all but it's a far cry from the domestic woman I once was, intent on having a feast ready on the big day,

Now I buy much of it in and this year we will eat out at one of the local hotels. As has been our wont since my ordination.

Shop bought food has improved a lot over the last years. It no longer deserves the sneer which always prefaced the phrase in my mothers day, but when yesterday someone arrived on my doorstep with a plate full of mince pies still warm from the oven it really was manna from heaven.

Both Davids used to be given lots of booze at Christmas during their working lives but warm, heavenly smelling mince pies beats everything else into a cocked hat., thank you God.

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