Thursday, 13 December 2012

Paradise. At a cost.

After weeks of grief and stress we took a day off yesterday. In the morning we went to Truro on an early ferry to find there were a lot of people with the same idea. However we did our Christmas shopping very satisfactorily and came home in the mid morning.

By afternoon we were ready for another trip....a virtual one. So far we'd barely looked at the details for our next cruise but it was time to book our shore excursions.

Fortunately they provide us with graphic little symbols to make sure us ancient ones don't sign up for a day trekking through the Equatorial bush.

We found with huge delight islands we'd never even heard of before...the South Pacific is rich in volcanic tiny outcrops of rock, now inhabited by very many different tribes...

We settled down and booked up to see the Gauguin museum in Tahiti, we are going to swim with dolphins....and er sharks were mentioned too!

Down in a small submarine we will look at life on the bottom of the ocean...

Because we are old does not mean we can't be adventurous!

A very happy afternoon we were having but then at the end came the bill!

Every time we've done one of these trips we've booked in advance but paid for it on board...

This time with two weeks to go before Christmas, we had to pay for the whole lot in advance...

My MasterCard took most of the pain ! David thinks they may have had people in the past who changed their minds about taking up what they'd booked so Cunard are making sure now and asking for the money up front.

What ever! During the dark weeks ahead it has given us a glimpse of what life has still to offer us.

Thank you God.

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