Monday, 14 January 2013

Let it snow etc

Snow having visited most parts of the country during the night I can now say that I did like snow. Before coming here snow was a yearly pleasure. It has snowed whilst we have lived here but it was only a handful and it was gone by lunch time!

We had a lot of snow in Essex but it was in North Wales that I learned to really appreciate it. Feet of it covered everything for days and occasionally weeks on end.

Digging the cars out was an almost daily exercise and my daughter was disappointed to learn that the school would send out a jeep to get her there.

Snow became a way of life during the winter months of living half way up a mountain. It snowed almost every day on our first year there and our removal was delayed by a week when the van got lost in the snow on the appointed day. One Christmas dinner was put off for hours when the overhead power lines came down....and yet the compensations were vastly better than the hazards.

Every weekend we joined the winter sports lot who crowded in. From further up the mountain it was possible to sledge about a quarter of a mile, taking care to lift the front of the sledge to avoid ending in a little inconvenient stream. To avoid arguments the ones not using the sledge went down on sheets of heavy duty plastic! It was usually me and the dog who joined in with gusto every time!

Now I look back to those days with great pleasure..forgetting the icey blasts, wet socks and no was all great fun and memories to be treasured now .

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