Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lost and found.

It's my baby brothers birthday today. I always remembered it even during the years when we didn't speak! We fell out for good reasons in our middle years and then we both moved from the Lancashire town we'd grown up in. We lost touch. I didn't even know what county he was in.

Even though I thought about looking for him there was no one alive who could tell me where he lived.

This state of affairs lasted until the year I was an ordinand. As the big moment drew close I realised that I had to find my would not be right to be angry with him and I wanted him to be there if possible.

It took me just an hour on the Internet to find him. Weirdly although we'd both moved he lived in Devon, about an hours drive away.

When I rang him he cried, he said he'd been looking for me for years..

He and his wife came to both of my ordinations and to the parties afterwards. I was back in touch with my baby brother and his family who just happened to live in the same village as one of David's sons.

Sadly he died of a brain tumor a few years later...but I still see his wife and am glad of it.

The moral of this sad little story is not to allow bad feeling to wreck a's just not worth it...put it all behind you and carry on...if you put it off it may be too late....

Rest in peace brother...and look after all my other loved ones up there with you...


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  1. Quite a salutary tale Jean. I think you are absolutely right.
    I too fell out with my youngest brother some years ago, for what I thought to be very good reasons.
    After John's death he bent over backward to be supportive, was unfailingly kind and completely redeemed himself in my jaundiced eyes.
    I now have a good relationship with him, and though we seldom see each other, talk on the phone and email one another frequently.
    If it is in any way possible to overcome feelings of animosity it is so worth the effort.