Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Memory not quite full.

Ok. It's taken me by surprise but have now to admit....or rather rejoice in the fact that I am old! Being an OAP happened a long time ago.....that was never in question but now I have had to reluctantly admit that it's not just my body which is's the brain too!

David and I are both fairly active in our old age. In his case I think his years of competitive rowing have left him with a sturdy frame and excellent heart and muscles to keep him going....

In my case I have no doubt that the twenty odd years of cycling in Essex, every day have saved me from too crumbly an old age!

In both of us the outward visible signs of old age are not too bad.....we can still walk well, albeit sometimes with a stick!

The main problem for me is my memory....I forget things! If I didn't keep a diary I would forget a lot more.

David also forgets things so between us we do well to function on a daily basis with one of us always missing something...but we are learning to compensate one for the other.

At the weekend I ran out of bananas. I eat one a day to stay upright! Potassium leaches away and affects the balance which is often evident to other people who see me swaying as I approach.

I forgot to get any more bananas but this morning there was a full bowl of them! David had remembered!

It's words now which occasionally escape me......this is very frustrating when I'm writing and just can't remember the word I am looking for....I have to go away to do something else and lo, the word is there next time!

This is not actually a grumble about old age....we are two of the best preserved Crumblies I know! God has been very good to us....long may it continue!

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