Monday, 7 January 2013

New life and old.

I have resumed the habit of a lifetime of dog walking. I need to just get out and amble right now. It's not right without a canine companion but the habit is proving too hard to break . Its now very mild here with even glimpses of the sun and walking is a pleasure.  This morning new growth is everywhere....the lovely Cornish hedges are full of colour and pink campion abound together with white ladies bedstraw . In a little while the bluebells will add a patriotic flavor. . Lots of bulbs are on their way up too.

Here is a beautiful pink Camelia about to burst open.

A little further along the lane one of last years roses is still in flower.

Nature is a wonderful restorative when everything else is looking doubt I shall continue this habit for as long as I have health, strength and legs that work!

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  1. Your need to walk is one I can empathise with though am unable to share.
    There is enormous restorative power in seeing nature close at hand, and Cornwall is so blessed, both by its own beauty and by the wonderful Gulf Stream.
    Your climate is a small miracle. Such lovely pictures Jean. It will be another 5 weeks or so before we see similar growth here.
    I think we all need to grab the dry days this Winter after the Monsoon which was 2012.