Friday, 11 January 2013

Password changed.

I got another scam tweet this morning.....I expect we all get them......the sort of thing that says variations on

"Have you seen this pic of"

I did once click on one of these but then all my followers got the same message so I needed to change my password fast. That taught me never to click on dodgy links . Life is too short to keep changing your passwords!

In this brave new world we are living in! criminals have adapted all to quickly to use our human failings against us...and it's not just's people who get off on creating havoc, or just being a can only feel sorry for them....

I had an interesting incident over the Christmas period. One of my colleagues was visiting when my iPad started to send me messages, clearly visible each time it lit up...

I laughed when I saw who the message was was the man sitting opposite me!

"You seem to be sending me messages" we looked carefully then.

It was my friends avatar and he was asking me to do him a small favour.

"Of course" I said. He then revealed that the small favour was to lend him £300 and to send the money by some electronic device!

It was of course a scam and the scammer had had the misfortune to approach me when I was talking to the man whose account he'd taken over.

He had to go home to change his password.

Obviously that scam was to make money....but for the rest it's not so clear cut! What ever the motive whether it be malice, a warped sense of humour, or just a need for attention it's very sad. To which you want to say.....scammers anonymous....please get a life.

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