Saturday, 26 January 2013

The joy of wellies.

The recent dreadful weather has left us with waterlogged gardens and soggy paths.....So. wellies are an essential tool in keeping dry right now.
Wellies in church are fine. In the summer the early risers come to 8am fully kitted out in some fairly startling boots to coordinate with brightly coloured sailing gear!
The bride  from up country that arrived by boat on her wedding day was wearing a beautiful white dress and had white wellies with small pink flowers dotted over them! She went up the aisle in pretty shoes but put the wellies back on before leaving the church....the boat was taking her back as well!
She was not local, but she had heard about this custom and thought it a good idea!
Her new husband had not thought far enough wellies obviously and a hired morning suit! The boat was swinging on the tide, which was dropping fast....the bride hopped into it with ease....he just stood transfixed whilst she told him to get on with it!
In the end his best man firemans lifted him into the boat . The hundred or so observers cheered...whilst he scowled. His manly pride had been dented for the lack of a pair of wellies....
Sadly in more recent times coming to the church by boat has lapsed as a custom but it was a spectacular start to a marriage and a fairly common event before everyone had a car!

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