Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thermal underwear.

This morning I am sporting the layered look! A wooly jumper with a collar under a round necked jumper with a big cardigan over the top. It's not smart but it's keeping me warm!

In North Wales where we lived for three years the temperature was below zero most days in the winter. After a week of shivering I went out and bought us all a full kit of thermal daughter then around 15 took one look and announced that she was never going to wear them!

As money was tight and a set of thermals not cheap I was a bit worried...I need not have been. After a week of being constantly cold my daughter gave in! She even wore the thermal knickers!

The move to Essex was fraught. Our removal van got lost in the snow on moving day and we spent three days camping out in our house with everything packed and no heating oil....the thermals were never off!

Our first night in Essex was in a hotel. The van would arrive a day later than us. We got ourselves ready for dinner in a haze of exhaustion. Too late we remembered we were still in the thermals!

Scarlet faces in the balmy temperatures of Essex made our first meal one to remember!

Today in subtropical coastal Cornwall I just wish I'd hung on to one lot of the thermals! I'd have risked the red face!

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