Monday, 21 January 2013

Woolly choir accessories.

Despite all gloomy predictions over the weekend we thankfully remained frost free. It was very cold though and in both of yesterday's churches the temperatures were well down.

The last one was actually arctic...these medieval churches take a lot heating! The service started at 10.30 in a church currently in interegnum so I am still unfamiliar with its ways!

When we got to the passing of the Peace I was amazed to find that all the members of choir had lovely warm hands....mine were turning blue by that time!

After wards having said the final prayers I asked them how they'd done it....where had the warm hands come from?

They giggled....they had they said had blankets!

From the front they appeared to be in good order in their choir robes....but around their legs and lower bodies were thick crocheted blankets. They demonstrated...I was impressed. I'd been sitting close to them and I hadn't seen the colorful accessories.

I'm there again next last words on leaving were "And next time I'm having a blanket too! "

This morning there is a sprinkling of snow outside but cars seem to be running without problem. I'm not going out without my blanket!


  1. Lovely story Jean, If yesterday's Eucharist was anything to go by we will need flamethrowers at St. Mary's pretty soon.
    The only two people whose hands were warm during 'the peace' yesterday, were the organist and the Rector's. Both very tall men!!
    Their circulation must be different from ours.
    A dear kind member of the congregation came up to me after the service and loaned me two hand-warmers. They appear to be a kind of jell with a small button inside which when pressed warms the strange little heart-shaped devices.
    She had noticed how icy my hands were and acted accordingly.
    I shall keep them until the weather warms up (at her suggestion of course) and get some for myself if possible. At least then it will be possible to turn the pages of the music.

  2. Sounds like a good idea Ray. If you find out their name can you let me know?

  3. Jean, I've looked at the box containing the "hand warmers" and they appear to be of German manufacture (available in Lidl stores).
    The instructions in the box advise covering in cloth, gloves, or putting in a pocket, and not touching with naked skin.
    They reach a temperature of 55degrees so not too hot really, but better safe than sorry.
    Hope that's of help.

  4. Yes. Thanks Ray. I'll look out for them!