Saturday, 9 February 2013


We have docked in Honolulu. It is 25 degrees and set to get hotter. I am not complaining. Sitting in the sun on our balcony is just wonderful...soon we will go out. No tour booked, we will take the shuttle laid on by Cunard to where ever it is going . Last year we did the beach at Waikiki . Who knows where we will end up. today? This is all part of the general excitement.......I like a bit of a gamble but in these temperatures I must try to make sure that we don't walk too far....

We are getting to know people , who to chat to and who to try to avoid.....some people from last year are back again and the greeting from these is warm , like old friends meeting in the desert.

Occasionally I catch a glimpse of long forgotten bĂȘte noirs and shudder but mostly it's all good! There are far too many people on board to have seen all of there are still many possibilities ahead..

Each day is an adventure , a revelation of something new and exciting....but we are beginning to feel like old hands, seasoned travelers which is extraordinary .We have told several people where the market is and also where the"high end" shops can be found!

Today is another day of adventure and long may it continue.

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