Friday, 8 February 2013

Travelling south.

We will arrive in Hawaii tomorrow. The sea appears to be pacific in deed as well as in name but apparently dark forces are at work under the surface! Last time we came this way we could see huge rollers, the decks were closed and many were seasick. This time it looks very quiet out there but we are told that the rollers are beneath the surface and at odds with the prevailing winds!

The stabilizers are now switched on and the passage through the water is fairly smooth! Occasionally though there is a sudden lurch to one side which can knock you off balance so holding on to grab rails is a wise precaution!

At the captains cocktail party last night he did a breakdown of all the different nationaIities. The Americans are the largest group by far, with the UK well behind but many small groups from Europe are here too.

So far language has not been a problem....we are a group of people divided by a common language! The slightly deaf win every time.....The man I was talking to at the party last night leaned forward at one point and said

"It's important you know that I'm only catching about half of what your saying"

It is much warmer....sitting out in the sunshine looks possible later....but we are now intent on joining the healthy ones walking around the deck! It is a good life but it's important not to weaken. The hand rails may be very useful as we progress.

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