Monday, 18 February 2013

Washing the smalls

This morning we have realised to our astonishment that we have been on board for two weeks! When we got off the ship last time we realised that we had become institutionalized. We have fitted right back into the institution seemlessly!

One leg of the journey ends tomorrow in Aukland and some are leaving. We have got the forms to fill in to rate the various stages of the journey. Last night our waiter explained that if we only put a good for him he had to be called into the office......could we please tick excellent! It's actually the truth so it's not a problem!

I ask him for small portions and that's what I get.....I can't tackle the lumps of grilled dinosaur my neighbours consume daily! I get delicate portions thanks to the very helpful young Indian man.

I wash the smalls day by day and hang them from a wire thoughtfully provided in our washroom. Today I realised I had worn my blue linen skirt every day since we arrived so it needs a trip to the laundry!

David already has had two shirts laundered...they came back in pristine condition so I am getting ready to relinquish my skirt........soon.

The nuts and bolts of life at sea are not onerous in any way.....washing the knickers every morning is no problem and it's the nearest we get to work on board this truly wonderful boat!

Thank you God.

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