Monday, 4 February 2013

Yesterdays blog.

We have now been on an airoplane for about eleven hours. This should have been the end of our journey but because we were delayed by three hours at the beginning it's not. We are all tired, a bit grumpy and looking forward rather than backwards. The four young men who were taken off the plane were suspected of drug smuggling and certainly the one sitting next to me was almost comatose.

This as an interesting start to this years adventure . We opted for the long haul flight at the beginning rather than the end but have had lots of time to consider this option. In the end it really doesn't matter....we will arrive in LA later rather than sooner but after a night in a hotel we will join the Cunard cruise tomorrow.

The strange time effect is that although we've all been here so long it's still late afternoon in LA whereas back home it's gone nine at night. We have been going backwards!

We had already booked this holiday before the death of my son and after a lot of thought and tears we are going ahead with could be our turn soon, though I do hope not!

I have made the decision not to talk about the deaths.......if asked I will not lie but either avoid the question or just talk as though they were still with us....I can not burden other people with my grief .

On the positive side I have planned the first long drink on board. A Long Island iced tea has got my name on it tomorrow. DV

Ps Just found this free wifi so am posting what I wrote yesterday!

I have now had a stroll along the beach immediately outside the hotel....the sun is warm now and I found another couple from Cornwall. It's a small world!

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