Friday, 1 March 2013

Bora Bora.

Tahiti is a land made up of small islands, often volcanic....the mountainsides are covered with vegetation....the rain forest grows is lush and hot and beautiful. Yesterday in Papeete we saw the smart shops, the tourist attractions, the bus was air conditioned.. .. it even had its own air port!

Todays island is different. It's tiny, the blurb suggests its best explored by bicycle! An alternative is the "fun truck" which does not appeal to those who remember the Samoan bus with its solid rubber tyres and permanently open windows!

The tender is required to get there and we are waiting for the majority of people to go off before venturing down ...

We worry that every time a cruise ship arrives there is an element of contamination involved. These people are so easy going, so happy to see us that we wonder if we are setting up impossible goals, corrupting their beautiful faith and replacing it with the worlds biggest threat....greed.

We have not quite made up our minds on this one but are always reassured when stories of missionaries being eaten are told. We can see a church tower in the village....we hope there's also a maari.

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  1. We did try to visit the little church but it was locked. Several of us would have looked at it but there were padlocks on all three doors. I hope it wasn't just for the day the ship was here!