Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter....bliss and pain.

It is a morning of conflicting emotions. Joy at the risen Christ, pain at the loss of my children. Memories of Easter egg hunting , painting and much chocolate eating are chasing around my head.

Memories of other Easters are inevitable I suppose at this stage of my journey!

I pondered long and hard about whether to go to the Catholic mass. In other countries I always go to the church nearest no matter what denomination it is....I would never hesitate to receive the wafer from a Roman priest.

The man on board here is very pleasant, capable and friendly but he knows I am an Anglican priest and I hesitate to put him in an embarrassing position so this morning I will attend the ecumenical service taken by the captain.

One memory I will share. During the period of interegnum I took the Easter morning services at St. Just in Roseland. I had hidden Easter eggs the night before and taken the early morning service...when I arrived I saw a very full church, gulped and got on with it.

Going up into the pulpit I saw a familiar face....a television presenter with a reputation for being a formidable critic of those he interviewed. I froze momentarily and carried on hoping the sermon would be OK...

Afterwards his children joined in the egg hunt and he congratulated me on the whole thing! Wow!

His reputation as the nastiest man on TV was squashed instantly....

Have a happy Easter everyone...... He is risen.

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  1. Happy Easter to you too Jean.
    He is risen indeed. Hallelujah!