Sunday, 24 March 2013

High End shopping.

We are gradually getting on our northerly trail but have one more tropical island to visit. Tomorrow we visit Grand Cayman. The captain said it was so that we could all visit our personal banks! As we have been here before I do know that is a very smart place, full not only of banks but what I've now learned to call "high end"shops as opposed to touristy local crafts!

Tomorrow we are not visiting beaches or doing a tour of the islands, we will be visiting some wonderful shops! Husbands have been warned.

As David and I keep our finances separate for lots of very good reasons he could be the only married man on board not shaking in his shoes. I will enjoy looking and probably buying some nice things but only if they are things unavailable in England. Or more realistically Cornwall.

We have our own high end establishments though. Last night a man asked me at supper if I'd ever heard of a hotel called " The Nare!". It's a small world. He had had a wonderful holiday in our part of the world last year! His parting words after a longish eulogy were to the effect that at least when we go home we will be living in one of the most beautful places on earth, and we agreed because now we've seen enough to make that comparison.

So I am plotting my essential purchases. A canister of mousse is top of the list....I've run out of the stuff I brought from home....there is a Fortnum and Mason on board but it seems an unlikely item to stock! Anything else is optional....but it's time to give my cards a bit of an outing!


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