Thursday, 21 March 2013

Home to the Atlantic.

We are going through the Panama canal this waiting for the traffic in the first lock to ease! You can imagine how big a lock is on here!
We did this trip in the opposite direction last year, followed by a very large alligator. Apparently accidents do happen! A nice plump cruiser would be a great treat for the local gator!
During the day we have a man telling us what to look out for and explaining the is though possible to turn it off! We will spend some time on our balcony this morning....the view from there is perfect!
Leaving the Pacific and then going into the Atlantic seems like some sort of miracle. The vision of the early canal builders was extraordinary! ...the Atlantic though feels like home.
"The Atlantic rollers curled and poured their loud Hosannas to the Lord...". Betjemans words on a small church in Cornwall...
So we are now on our way! Alleluia.
Later.    This huge boat is being lifted 35 feet by the water coming into the lock!  Amazing.

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