Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Moving swiftly on.

Yesterday Nicaragua , today Costa Rica! It is still very hot! We are requested to take hats and water ashore and no food. Food can be pollutants in other countries and they are very strict if they find a banana in your handbag!

Today even on shore we are travelling. We go on a train up a long valley, well into the rain forest. We come back on a boat on the river! It's going to be a long hot day!

We have been here before but neither of us remember what we did last time!

I am including in our bag all the usual medical treatments, asthma spray, insect repellent, aspirin and cough sweets! I am going prepared!

Hopefully none of the above will be required but it's better safe than sorry!

I am starting to sound like a boy scout.....one armed with every cliche in the book!

Time to tackle the jungle!

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