Saturday, 16 March 2013

Solar versus gas!

Having been to breakfast fairly early we were riveted by a conversation close by. Three people were sitting at the table. The fourth was standing by the side of the table. He was huge. I think he may not have been able to get into the space provided so he was using the aisle.

They were talking about gas.....petrol I presume. The large man waxed lyrical about various sorts of gas, most of which failed to register I admit....I was trying not to listen to start with.

Then they got to alternative energy sources!

Apparently it's all political this need to replace gas with anything else!

He stood and said very loudly "Solar doesn't work"

I wanted to say that our solar panels not only pay for our electricity but our oil as well!

But I couldn't because by this time he had warmed to his was another Obama rant!

"All those windmills that keep going up they just irritate the hell out of me.....they are ugly , noisy and they kill birds! "

He then said some rascist things about their president that were not politically correct.

The peroration ended with "Why the hell can't we just go on using our's God given, natural and does the job"

Just as well words failed me just then!

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  1. The sad thing about being on a cruise is that you can't walk away from such people.
    You could try pushing him overboard though.
    No? Oh well, maybe someone else will.