Thursday, 14 March 2013

Under New leadership.

In this diverse and interesting universe I am presently inhabiting the advent of a new Pope brought interesting and diverse reactions!

Most were delighted....some disinterested. But there was a definate mood for looking ahead.

The fact that we Anglicans have a new archbishop and that now a new pope has arrived from Latin America has filled many people with hope for the future.

They were charmed by his first appearance on the television where he wished them goodnight before anything else..

People here from South America had a mixed reaction depending I suppose on where they stood in the Christian spectrum but several Catholics I spoke to hoped that the new pope would get to grips with child poverty, climate change and the spreading economic gloom.

This shipboard community on the whole shared a new feeling of optimism....that maybe our spiritual leaders might first get on with each other and then address some global issues which have long been ignored.

Poverty seems top of the list.....I remember only too well the number of rough sleepers in many of the South American cities....the new Pope must be fully aware of them....and the race and drug cultures existing side by side with prayers for the future rest now with the new leadership!

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