Monday, 11 March 2013


We are reaching the end of one part of our has been very beautiful and spectacular and there is more to come! Tomorrow we arrive back in LA and the whole boat has to be emptied. We have had a small epidemic on board since New Zealand.and I fell foul of it briefly.

Cunard has decided that it needs time to sterilize the whole boat! This is an ambitious program and to do it we have all to be on shore! Over half the passengers are disembarking and those who are not have got to get off.

To achieve this they have laid on coaches to take us to Long beach for the day! They are giving us $50 each to eat out too! So the whole boat is off on a jolly tomorrow!

It's a bit chilly today mostly because a strong wind is blowing so tomorrow will be a day of layering! Suntop. blouse, jumper, cardigan!

When we get back the boat will have changed. 1,500 people are getting off and a simliar number getting on! We will have new people to get to know and communicate with....

All of this is amazingly constructive. ....there are always people who we hope never to see again but equally there are new friends forged, addresses of the great things is the number of people we are still in touch with from all our previous voyages.

This time God willing we have made friends that we will keep through life......with any luck!

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