Saturday, 9 March 2013


We are travelling over the northern Pacific now and although it was bumpy during the night the waves are small and flat this morning. Lots of goodbyes are being said.....addresses exchanged, emails sent because over half the ship is disembarking! It's still two days away but we are told that 1500 guests will go and be replaced by a similiar number!

The captain has also got his replacement coming on board ...he has been very good whilst we have been falling foul of various bugs! We are going to hear him lecture this morning!

All the various health precautions are being lifted slowly...but they have not really been a problem for most people!

We have made various friends during the last month and I am sure we will keep in touch! We still chat to people we met on the first's a small family in the Cunard Queens Establishment.

We have over the last four years sailed around the world....made friends, seen amazing things and are very privileged to be able to it specially at our age. Right now it seems unlikely that we will do it again so this is feeling like a valedictory trip...ano Domini is closing in fast...

We are very grateful for these opportunities.....thank you God .



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