Friday, 8 March 2013

Whales mating .

Yesterday was a great treat. We went out on a catamaran to see some whales. Until then odd sightings had occurred. During my incarceration in my room I had seen one whale, one seal and lots of birds....but yesterday was amazing.

We were told that the whales had come down from Alaskan waters where they feed, into warmer water so that they could breed.

The captain said, "They are mating right now...don't make eye contact."

They were too. All over the little bay were great tails diving....huge bodies suddenly appearing almost out of the water...some blowing but most intent on what they were doing!

Several small babies were seen, the result of last years mating!

Leaving the secluded bay behind us we saw whole platoons of turtles...paddling happily along!

It was a wonderful day out and I am grateful to the doctor for letting me go!


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