Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Memory almost full

I am banging on once more on the downside of aging. If your are under fifty read no further....I have no wish to depress anyone!
For my age I'm not too bad! I can still walk a fair way, I sleep well and cook and eat well.....but some parts are going the way of all flesh!
I've always worn specs even before the kind optician told me it was downhill all the way once I was 40!
I do turn the sound up on the TV most nights now....but I am told its not serious.....
My main problem is my memory! I forget names and other important things to an embarrassing degree. Usually I can bluff my way out of an encounter with someone I married but whose name has disappeared into the ether!
The most recent memory lapse is not just embarrassing it's also a bit worrying.
Before going away for two months I locked up various things, my will, the stocks and shares etc....I wrote on the notepad on my iPhone where I'd left the key!
Fine....that bit worked well....
Last week I kept finding things in the fridge that had gone slightly off! A bottle of milk was solid by the time I tried to use it.......it took nearly two weeks before I remembered! Before going away I'd turned it off!
I don't usually turn the fridge off because it stands over a freezer compartment. But this time I did.....kind people had put various items in to welcome us home and I just forgot!
Not just embarrassing but potentially dangerous.....food poisoning a possibility so I've now chucked out anything slightly dodgy!
Old age is not for wimps.


  1. Ohhhh! So it's down to ageing is it Jean. Glad you cleared that up.
    I have had a memory like a sieve for names all my life, and my mother used to constantly forget her four childrens' names, so if she wanted, say Robin the middle brother, it would go "Gwyn, Ray, Roger, Robin". Bingo! the right one at last.
    No it's just absent-mindedness, nothing to worry about. Yet.

  2. Forgetting to switch the fridge on is slightly worse than being absent minded Ray...especially as it gave me more than one clue! But I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  3. Jean we all suffer with similar issues. My memory for both names and faces has always been terrible. I try hard, but I'm getting worse as I approach the mid-sixties.

    Jen says that I've always been absent minded. When I worked I kept a strict diary and to-do list and checked it daily if not hourly. Now retired, I still maintain a diary, but often forget to check it - I missed an osteopath appt a week or so ago, and she thought that she had made a mistake - Phew, how lucky!!

    I've now switched to a small pocket diary instead of my big filofax which was getting in the way. I've never got on with electronic diaries - to lazy to do the input needed to get the alarms or alerts that I need to get things done.

    Perhaps I should retire to bed and allow the world to go by :(

  4. Don't do that Earnie..the world would miss you!