Thursday, 18 April 2013

Back to work.

My first mid week communion for two months this morning brought its own complications...who picks up who etc.

The return to work this week has been slow but gained pace with every new day! Funerals, Christenings, meetings etc have all suddenly appeared in my diary!

This morning I answered the phone twice whilst I was getting dressed and my brain was else where when I went down for breakfast. I actually poured milk into a bowl for my dog until I realised yet again that there was no dog! I have come close to doing it before but this morning was different, my mind was resuming old practices.

The human brain is a creature of habit! All the preparations for the midweek communion are almost second nature now but after a gap of over two months, people had made other travel arrangements so it was essential to sort out who was picking up who and other mundane details!

I am glad to be working again but have started to realise that lthough the spirit is willing, the body is getting reluctant at times!

Having no dog to walk means my legs are losing their muscles! First I lost my cycling muscles, now my dog walking muscles! Where will it end!

If the brain is a muscle, it's still getting quite a lot of exercise....But I fear it's only a matter of time before anno Domini takes that as well!

So be it!


  1. Oh poor Jean. You really are in a state aren't you?
    You're right about the leg muscles though.
    Mine have been very poor for years now, and my gardening has to be done by bending at the waist, since my knees won't hold me.
    At least hanging upside down like a bat brings a rush of blood to the brain, and that surely can't be bad.
    If I can't get out to walk (weather etc), I make sure I go up and downstairs as many times as I can manage.
    Good luck!

  2. I needed your good wishes. As we pulled off the road to go up the very steep lane that leads to the church a lorry appeared in front of us. He had a big load of heavy mesh squares, complete with spikes! They protruded by about a foot at the rear end. A young man stood at the back to stop them sliding!
    I had a vision of him being impaled if the lorry rolled backwards
    It started to do just that at the steepest bit! . We all sat and waited till the load was belatedly made secure!
    We were a little late starting!

  3. "Jeepers"! What a very dangerous neck of the woods you inhabit Jean. Further prayers winging their way to you.

  4. Jean [*] Is there not a way of you getting perhaps an exercise bike to retrain the cycling muscles and one of the walking machines to retrain the walking muscles?

    And you could have a holder for your i-pad on both so that you can exercise your brain by playing scrabble, doing email and blogging while taking the exercise :)

  5. That's a great picture you've painted there!