Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Harvesting of souls.

I have my first funeral since my son died today. I have been to several but this is the first I am presiding at. It will be Ok....most of my public tears are spent. Fingers crossed!

A friend this morning quoted a line from a poet called Stewart Henderson,

"And the prayer book declares that the dead will be raised , but the sky over Cornwall's been crying for days.".

He is talking about the death of John Betjeman but it's how I feel right now as the drizzly damp morning air depresses everything for us all.

It is very strange how deaths arrive in clusters. One year there were 18 in a week in a neighboring village and the phone rang early to tell me of another death during the night! That's three so far this week!

We can then go for another month and then suddenly the harvester is back about his job, taking all the souls to heaven!

The grim reaper is about his business this morning! And the sky is joining in!

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