Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Inclement weather.

I only have to look out of the window to know that it's not sitting outside weather! Falmouth has disappeared into a damp mist!
So the garden furniture I ordered a week ago has announced its arrival!
Last year I bought two wicker chairs which were so comfy they were taken into the summer house one windy day and have stayed there ever since! David has annexed them!
I tried to order another one then but they had sold out so this year I started early, ordering just one for me! to live outside the kitchen door!
This makes far more sense than carrying one around!
I had hoped when I ordered it that the weather might have improved a bit.....having garden furniture arriving on a dreary, damp day just somehow rubs it in!
.The good news is that the chair has now arrived, swathed in packaging which the delivery men have removed and taken away! The cushions are in the house and we are ready!
As an advert for excellent service full marks to John Lewis! Cheerful in the face of adversity!
Later still.
The bad news is that in all this grey damp climate out there I have just found the first snails of the season, eating away!  Arghhhh


  1. We WILL have summer (or even spring) some time this year Jean.
    We keep seeing tantalising glimpses of it before it vanishes once more.
    When I can get a really good picture of my snails I will post it on the blog.
    My hibiscus in the front garden is covered in the disgusting little blighters.

  2. Well on the day it arrives me, my chair and the snails will be ready for it !