Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Last chance to say sorry.

Following my blog about Margaret Thacher yesterday I have been contacted by some old friends and some new ones! I was fairly surprised to find her picture on my Facebook page until I realised who'd put it there!
The truth is that people who were once devoted to her are now actually in a sort of bereavement and doing the things that we all do when someone we hold in high regard dies. Death is final and it brings all the classic moments that I have talked about previously after my own losses.
Guilt is normal, regret that we didn't do things that would maybe have changed the course of events or that we did things that were wrong and hurtful.
Sometimes the grief felt at losing a friend or relation takes over and makes people do things entirely outside their normal life!
The people in the Conservative Party are now behaving as though their former leader was without stain, and was approaching sainthood in her crusade against the unions, somehow the hurt she inflicted on people is forgotten.
Whatever your politics whether you were for or against her policies, she was an international figure and her funeral will reflect this.
I am struck though with the thought that much of the adulation being exhibited in public could be actually guilt. The people who toppled her from office are those who are shouting loudest!

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