Saturday, 6 April 2013

Last cruise blog.

I am fairly sure that there will not be time to blog tomorrow! We have done most of our packing, square pegs and round holes come to mind ! Knowing that our luggage is not going to be weighed has meant that we have shopped, both of us and it has all to be carried off the ship. We have already got our priority luggage labels and the taxi man has my mobile phone number! It should be a doddle but with my luck it may not be!

What ever, this trip has been simply wonderful....glorious sights, smells and imaginative events will be in our minds and hearts for ever....

Now on this our last full day afloat the weather has turned kind. The sea is flat, the Irish Sea from Blackpool never looked like this! The sun is warm. People are taking the sun on deck. Some are very well wrapped up! David and I have walked around the deck and reflected that going home to Cornwall is the best possible end to an epic journey!

We have met several people from our county and talked to aquaintances who know people there, some of whom we know too! One lady we have chatted to on and off said one day,

"We've been to Cornwall. Do you know St Mawes by any chance?"

"We live there !". Their friends were neighbors before we moved house!

Gasps all round. It's a very small world! "

The people you are thrown together with On board are a very diverse group! Some rich, some blowing an inheritance, some who saved up for years.....the common theme is the love of travel....of seeing the wonders of the world in all their glory....some we will stay in touch with, some may be not, but the common link of spending two months in a small cocoon of luxury together is the glue which will keep the exchange of news going for some time.. DV!

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