Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spending kids inheritance.

Best morning yet! So far we have not looked like good adverts for going off on a two month cruise! Our sleep patterns have been totally disrupted and we have both been coughing made worse in my case by my asthma!

It's taken a week but we are now back in the land of the living and had a full nights unbroken sleep with no wheezing! The lovely young doctor here explained that the wheeze is what you get when the breath tries to get through banks of phlegm. Yuk!

We are both looking forward now to a family lunch out today and a good service tomorrow!

In honour of the occasion today I am wearing the black pearls I bought in Tahiti! They look wonderful and almost worth the price I paid.

Skiing or spending kids inheritance became a joke for a while but as there are no children left to inherit its no longer quite so funny.

I miss my children. I miss my dog but life does go on and today is the signal that we are now ready to live it!



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  1. [*] That you get over your wheezing and enjoy the day.