Friday, 19 April 2013

Springing out!

Nature is wonderful when it's working for you and not against you! Having spents the first months of this year away we fully expected to come home to Spring in full swing.

We returned to find blasted trees, still reeling from the onslaught of frost, wind and even the odd drop of snow!

We clearly missed the worst but in the weeks since we got back we have sampled some truly appalling weather......however Spring is now bursting upon us and galloping to try to get where it normally is at this time of the year. In a week the tight fat buds on the chestnut tree have opened out!

The fruit trees are almost ready, some brave ones showing glimpses of white or pink!

Down in the village it's all smiles this morning. The sun is out! The wind has dropped! Spring is almost here...another day or two to get the full impact!

Last year the wind blew all the flowers off the apple trees....and the cherry, plum and pear.....we had no fruit to gather safely in during the Autumn.....

David is on the phone booking in the lawn mower for its annual service.

This year we have everything sunny day does not make a Spring but it certainly helps!

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