Monday, 15 April 2013

Thatchers legacy.

I have kept well away from the death of Margaret Thatcher all week. People's reactions to it dismay me whether it's to eulogise or express hatred! Either way it fills me with an impotent distrust of people's motives.

The funeral which will cost such a lot of money is for some an insult , a reflection of their own inability to give their loved ones the send off they would wish.

I was glad when it became apparent that a woman was going to be a prime minister. This feeling dissipated quickly when I heard the words of St Francis...being repeated by her at the door of number 10. Using a beautiful prayer on a political occasion struck the first wrong note in a whole series of them.

When someone dies most people hide any negative feelings....there is an instinctive need not to remember the bad things about people.

Those people now chanting the witch is dead song are people who were hurt during the Thatcher years....and many people were badly hurt, losing jobs and homes tends to colour your view on who ever or what ever causes those calamities.

I am horrified by the level of hate unleashed, and just as shocked by the determination to make her a wonderful heroic heroine!

Somewhere in between was an old lady with a family who mourn. After the funeral I hope it will all settle down again and not be kept alive by those who are interested in either her demonisation or her glorification.

Neither of those extremes is I can say "rest in peace" and mean it.

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