Friday, 5 April 2013


We have now been afloat for two months and are in our last couple of days. These we intend to make the most of though tomorrow will be a packing day!

Some people are horrified by the thought of a week at sea but we are loving it! The sea has changed from blue, to aqua, to dark teal in a week. The grey/teal today is exactly the colour of my little beetle back home!

Going back to our house in St Mawes is always good but this time it's to an empty house with no cat, no dog and no son in the next village....

Tears have never been far away this trip..... The wrong words, scent or music can produce unexpected pressure behind the eyes which I can mostly control! There is no doubt that this time away has done me good, I am much better emotionally than when we set out!

Physically it's not quite such a good picture! I have had a cold, tummy upset and cough! The Cunard cough is legendary and mine is staying with me, made worse by my asthma which I never have in Cornwall!

We have met lovely people on board as well as some pains! Many have already kept in touch having left the ship much earlier than us. Shipboard friendships can last.....some people we met several years ago are still in touch and I expect the same will hold good this time too!

Today, making the most of our time we are eating at one of the alternative has a good reputation so even though my appetite is tiny we are looking forward to it!

I have not put weight on......David has but not too much. Some are going home twice as big!

As in life, so on deck.....there are always people who are going to find's an essential part of their holiday. We have loved almost every minute of it and we are fully aware of how lucky we are! Thank you God.


  1. A two-month cruise sounds more like a life sentence than a holiday to me Jean, but you clearly needed to get right away and it seems to have done you good.
    Hopefully your return to Cornwall will coincide with an improvement in the weather which has been dreadful.
    We have been promised something like warmth, so you have times it just about right.
    I hope your asthma and your cough both vanish as soon as possible.
    Blessings, and a safe landing.

    1. Bless you too Ray.....we are ready to go home but we are putting off all the packing! At least there's no flight!